VLITE’s Grant Making Process

VLITE is revising its grant process.

The VLITE’s grant submittal process will occur twice yearly. VLITE will conduct grant reviews two times each year. We anticipate this will make the grant process much simpler and yield a better product. It will also allow greater competition amongst the grant requestors.

May VLITE Board Meeting – (5/21/19) Comprehensive Energy Plan grants – grants which support projects that can be transformational — that can serve as models and open new pathways for renewable technologies, efficiency measures.

VLITE will be accepting grant proposal requests up and until May 6, 2019 for the May Board meeting.

September VLITE Board Meeting – (9/10/19)

September will be low-income efficiency and renewables

VLITE will be accepting grant proposal requests up and until August 5, 2019 for the September Board meeting.

Process for Application: VLITE considers applications submitted to the VLITE web page “Grant making Process – Introductory Questionnaire

Eligibility Criteria – VLITE seeks to leverage opportunities for energy security where meaningful change can take place on a community, regional or state level in Vermont. VLITE does not provide funding for current operations, but rather, seeks innovative and creative projects that that will help to reach the goals outlined in Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan. VLITE offers support for new approaches to get past existing obstacles and open the door to other funding sources. VLITE looks for measurable results, viable partnerships, experienced leadership with strong organizational oversight and project management, experience with innovative projects, adequate staff and financial resources, and a strong commitment to bring the program to successful conclusion. The applicant must tie the proposed grant submittal to Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan. VLITE wants to know who will be better off as a result of its investment. VLITE will be using the “Benchmarks for a Better Vermont” program to assist the applicant in refining their objectives and goals.


1) Applicant submits grant request questionnaire to the VLITE web page

2) VLITE confirms receipt of grantee application

3) VLITE provides response within (30) working days regarding next steps

4) At the VLITE quarterly meetings or at other times, as required, the Board Members will be presented with the applicant grant submittal requests submitted on the web page for discussion.

5) At the Boards direction the Executive Director meets with grant applicant – reviews VLITE priorities and grant requestors programs/ projects. At this time the Applicant may be asked to provide VLITE with a formal proposal, which includes:

1. Who is your customer(s)?

2. What is the result you seek?

3. How will you measure success? How will people be better off because of your program? Refer to the VLITE “Scorecard”.

4. Who are your partners and why are they essential to the project? What financial/ in-kind contributions are your partners providing?

5. What do you propose to do? What is your project plan? Deliverables? Timeline? Reporting? VLITE will also request a “white papers” at the conclusion of the programs referencing the Grantee results

6. What would give VLITE the confidence that you can achieve what you propose to do?

7. References

8. Financials

6) The applicant may be requested to meet and present the program/ project with the VLITE Board if deemed necessary.

7) The Executive Director provides the applicants formal application, with comments, to the Board for review and approval at the regularly scheduled meeting. If further information is required it will be addressed in an e-mail to the applicant.

8) If the program is approved by the VLITE Board the applicant will be notified within (7) working days. The Executive Director will provide the standard VLITE agreement for review and signature by the Applicant. Upon signing a check will be issued to the applicant. A 10% retainer fee is held by VLITE until the final review of the project/ program is performed.