Electric Vehicle Incentives

dev_140515_56_600pxTransportation is the single largest energy use sector in Vermont, accounting for 34% of the state’s energy consumption and creating 46% of our greenhouse gas emissions. The Vermont Comprehensive Energy plan calls for shifting to 90% renewable energy across all sectors by 2050, with transportation playing a critical role. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a cost-effective strategy to achieve the State’s renewable energy goals for transportation, and Vermont is a leader in promoting EV adoption. VLITE has supported the Drive Electric Vermont program in marketing and promoting plug-in vehicles, including funding for a pilot incentive program. Vermonters receive the incentive by visiting one of 11 participating dealers across the state to receive $500 off the purchase or lease of a new EV, with the dealerships also receive a $200 upstream incentive for each EV sold to support their work transforming the new vehicle marketplace. Further consumer savings will accrue with lower costs of ownership for plug-in vehicles. This program has motivated consumers and auto dealerships to consider plug-in vehicle options in the car buying process. The expanded use of EVs supports economic vitality, energy efficiency, and air quality improvements which benefit all Vermonters.